Environmental protection Management

Systematic environment management


Based on the ISO 14000 environment management system, ChemChina discovered strengths of the SHE (Safety, health and environment) management system from advanced enterprises, which it has implemented for the corporation and its subsidiaries.


Environment management informatization


ChemChina had been one of the earliest adopters of SHE management information modules among State owned enterprises. It realizes quick and accurate reporting and environmental information feedback through an on-line platform that covers its headquarters, tier-two and tier-three companies to integrate environmental data, summaries, statistical analysis; along with its daily management.



Benchmarking environment management


Benchmarking environment management remains a significant task for ChemChina. Based on the principles of benchmarking against international advanced level, the group established a long-term mechanism for “comparisons with advanced, analysis of the gap, constant improvements and out-performance.”

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