To help visitors and readers get various types of news reports from the website of China National Chemical Corporation and learn more about our products, we launched the RSS service at the China National Chemical Corporation website. The advantage of RSS feeds is that you only need IE7.0 to open the RSS reader to subscribe to news and information. Then you can automatically obtain the latest news and articles that we provide via our RSS news reader.


    What’s RSS?

    RSS is a simple way to share content between the site and other sites, often for news and other sites such as blogs. An introduction to a project may include an introduction to news or just extra content and a brief introduction. Links of these projects can be usually linked to the whole story. Internet users can read all content output via RSS by using RSS news feed tools without opening the website.

    How do I read RSS feeds?

    To subscribe to our RSS feeds, you will need software called an "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator". If you are using IE 7.0, there is a feed reader in it. At our website, you can subscribe to any number of RSS feeds. Your subscription to our RSS feeds will provide you with timely, regularly updated news.

    Features of an RSS reader

    1. Enjoy your reading without the interferences of advertisements or pictures.
    2. The RSS reader will automatically update the latest news from the website.
    3. You can subscribe to timely updates from favored websites or aggregate feeds from many sites.

    Download RSS reader


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